South Shore Equine Clinic & Diagnostic Center is a 7,000 square foot facility, including 2 six stall barns, 2 ICU stalls, exercise areas, 4 different lameness surfaces, indoor lameness aisle, sand and grass paddocks, open field standing MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) room, complete in-house laboratory, surgical suite, 2 induction/recovery rooms, and outpatient bay.

Three of the six stalls located in the main barn have the capability for IV fluids which retract into the ceiling. All stalls are equipped with ComfortStall floor padding, and have a video eye for 24 hour monitoring on site, or through the internet offsite.

All areas throughout the barns and hospital are reinforced with rubber flooring for the safety of our patients.

The facility includes four different size grass paddocks, one small sand turnout, a riding ring, a lunge area, and a deep sand round pen.

The deep sand round pen can be used as a paddock or for lameness exams.

The main hospital contains two temperature controlled ICU stalls. Both ICU stalls have the capability for IV fluids which retract into the ceiling.

The main work area of the hospital is complete with a wash stall and set of stocks. Full lameness evaluations can be completed with use of the adjacent lunging area, asphalt surface, riding ring, or with the deep sand round pen.

A nine foot wide aisle acts as an indoor lameness examination area.

The MRI is one of only fifteen open field units in the country. The open field design allows horses to stand in a weight bearing stance to image all the structures of the area in question. This reduces risks to the patient as well as expense to the owner. This technology allows us to image structures of the equine distal limb which cannot be visualized with any other imaging modality. (click Here for more information about our MRI.)

The surgical suite is complete with a carbon dioxide laser, and is outfitted for almost any type of elective surgery such as; castrations, tumor removals, orthopedic procedures, arthroscopy, and soft tissue procedures.

The Pulse oximetry, EKG monitoring, a respiratory ventilator, and sevoflurane gas all act to ensure patient safety.

Adjacent to the surgical suite are two fully padded induction/ recovery rooms.

The outpatient bay is used for surgical pre-op, farrier services, or as an additional work room.

A full in-house laboratory complements the workings of the hospital allowing immediate blood test results, electrolytes and blood gases, fibrinogen levels, cultures, and cytology of fluid or tumors.

The hospital also utilizes the latest available diagnostic technologies. Video endoscopy allows visualization by more than just the operator, and also allows recording of the exam, if necessary. A three meter endoscope is used for gastroscopy to look for ulcers of the stomach lining. Airway endoscopy is also performed with the video system to look at the airway dynamics and function of the respiratory tract. Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) is also available at the hospital to detect subclinical and small airway disease, which is often unable to be detected on the farm. Digital radiographs (CR) are taken for enhanced detail, ease of copying for client use, as well as for ease of communication with specialists. The latest in ultrasound technology is available at South Shore Equine Clinic. The clinic possesses two advanced digital ultrasounds for use for reproductive, lameness, and abdominal or thoracic structures. Ultrasound images can also be copied to CDs, or sent over the internet for conversations with specialists.

We are very excited with the results owners are reporting to us from shockwave treatments. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy can be utilized for bone, ligament, and tendon injuries. Focal or radial heads can be utilized to be sure the proper amount of energy is administered to the involved structure(s).

A comfortable reception area where you will find hot coffee and hot chocolate welcomes you.

A separate imaging viewing room also helps to enable the doctors to discuss with you the radiographs or MRI findings of your horse.