South Shore Equine Clinic & Diagnostic Center uses the latest in ultrasound technology – DIGITAL ULTRASOUND. We have two (2) Sonosite Edge ultrasound units. The sophisticated architecture of the Sonosite Edge is capable of satisfying the most demanding diagnostic and archival requirements. This advanced imaging technology makes it the new gold standard in portable ultrasound. The images are crystal clear and can be downloaded to a CD, USB thumbdrive, or printed out on hard copies. Video clips can also be recorded in real-time, reviewed, exported and printed.

Most soft tissue structures can be evaluated using an ultrasound.

Applications include:

Abdominal: colic, intestines, spleen, liver, kidney, abscesses, umbilicus (foals), bladder stones

Reproductive: Estrous cycles, pregnancy determination, uterine disease

Tendon/Ligament: locate, grade, and measure lesions (tears); assess healing and prognosis for return to work

Chest: visualize lungs and heart; assess fluid around the heart and lungs, pneumonia, abscesses, heart disease

Eyes: integrity of the retina, lens, and globe in the presence of ocular of trauma or orbital swelling