For a limited time, we invite you to take advantage of our senior special, FREE Senior Exam and Nutritional Assessment for all horses age 18 or older (a $165 value). A complete physical exam, ophthalmic exam, body weight and scoring, and nutritional assessment will be done at no charge. Or, you can take advantage of special promotional pricing on our Senior Horse Plan, services valued over $1,200.00, but now available for the discounted price of $675.00. (see below for a limited time SPECIAL OFFER) This plan includes a complete physical exam, ophthalmic exam, cardiac exam, body weight and scoring with nutritional assessment, oral/dental examination with a speculum and light sedation, a fecal egg count, and full blood work to include a complete blood count, blood chemistries, electrolytes, and testing for Cushing’s disease and Insulin Resistance (ACTH and Insulin levels). Appropriate recommendations to improve the health of your horse will be discussed with you.


Between January 1-31 and August 1-31 , the SENIOR HORSE PLAN is available at the discounted rate of $600.00. Call today to take advantage of this SPECIAL OFFER and schedule your appointment!

The SSEC SENIOR HORSE PLAN is for horses 18 and over and includes the following:

  • Physical Exam
  • Ocular examination
  • Cardiac Auscultation
  • Oral/Dental examination with sedation
  • Body Scoring & Nutritional Evaluation
  • ACTH/Insulin
  • Fecal Egg Count

*The price of the Senior Plan does not include a Powerfloat or office visit/farm call.

Appointments can be made at your farm or you can trailer your horse(s) to the clinic. Dental care and/or powerfloating, parasite control, and vaccination updating can also be done at this time. Be sure to mention this report when calling to schedule your visit.

We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to help you with your horse care concerns. Give us a call – we’re just a heartbeat away! 781-585-2611.