South Shore Equine Clinic & Diagnostic Center offers a surgical suite complemented by two (2) fully padded induction/recovery rooms immediately adjacent. All surgical patients to have general anesthesia are admitted the night before the scheduled surgery and fasted for a minimum of 8 hours, with free access to water. The morning of surgery their shoes are pulled and their mouths flushed. After placement of an IV catheter, the animal is sedated and walked into the padded induction stall. The head and tail are secured with ropes and when ready the patient is administered a combination of drugs to induce anesthesia. Each patient under general anesthesia is constantly monitored by an anesthetist. By using the steel hoists and trolleys, we can swiftly move the anesthetized patient into or out of surgery with minimal effort. This reduces anesthesia time and improves the safety of your horse. All recoveries are assisted by at least one person, in order to help the patient regain his/her feet at the appropriate time.

Our dual induction/recovery suites and state of the art surgical suite will allow us to perform a full range of soft tissue as well as orthopedic surgeries.