Computerized radiography (digital x-rays) has become the standard in equine medicine and surgery.  Digital x-rays allow one to take an x-ray, process it through a computer, and then manipulate the exposure and magnification.  This offers a great advantage for diagnostics, as well as reducing radiation exposure to personnel.  The number of retakes is drastically reduced, and the information gained from a single film can be exponentially increased.  Whereas before when a conventional radiograph may not have shown a problem, digital films can be enhanced to show a significant lesion previously undetected.

South Shore Equine Clinic & Diagnostic Center utilizes digital radiography for every case.  We view all of our films on a high resolution monitor.

Specific advantages of digital radiography include:

  1. Consistent image quality
  2. Reduction in repeat exposures
  3. Small bone detail is much more easily defined
  4. Radiographs can be burned to a CD,  at little or no cost to the owner for your own files
  5. Radiographs can be e-mailed to a specialist, and archived for future reference