Q-Do I have to be a client to join?
A-NO, anyone can join from any area.

Q- Are there any exclusions for a horse that is over 20 years old with a history of colic?
A- NO, there are no exclusions.

Q- How much is the plan for my two horses?
A- Each horse would incur a fee of $149.00 for the calendar year.  We also offer 4 payments of $39.75 which must be completed by the first of October.

Q-I am on your Superior Preventative Wellness Plan, how much do I pay?
A-One time payment of $99.00, or we offer payments of $27.25 broken up into 4
payments that must be paid in full by the first of October.

Q-Does my horse need an exam?
A-YES, unless your horse is on our Wellness Plan.  An exam and registration is required. This can be done by your veterinarian or one of our veterinarians.  The exam is to uncover and discuss any risk factors for colic, and to identify you and your horse in our computer system.  The cost for this exam through our office is $88.00.

Q-When my horse gets admitted into the hospital how much do I need to pay at time of admission?
A-You only pay the $500.00 deductible.  This covers up to $3,000.00 of medical or surgical services.  It would not cover dispensed medications, such as GastroGard when your horse is discharged.

Q-If my horse does colic and I use my $3000.00 can it be used again in the same year?
A-YES, your registration fee is good for the calendar year.  You would have to pay the $500.00 deductible for each episode of colic.

Q-Can I used the Colic Assistance Plan when one of your doctors comes out to the farm?
A-NO, the Colic Assistance Plan can only be used at the clinic.

Q-Other companies have colic plans why is yours different?
A-Ours is different for several reasons, we cover medical colic and surgical colic, and we do notrequire you to purchase any supplements to be on our plan.

Q-If I sign up today and my horse colics tomorrow can I use the Colic Assistance Plan? 
A-NO, there is a 30 day waiting period before the Colic Assistance Plan becomes active. This would be 30 days after the exam and registration. Wellness Plan horses who participate would be eligible 30 days after payment and date of sign up.

Q-I have 6 horses, would the Colic Assistance plan cost the same for my horses?
A-NO, there is a discount for 6 or more horses, If you are on our Wellness Plan, the Colic Assistant Plan would be $79.00 for each horse if you paid at once. We also have a payment plan that would be 4 payments of $22.25 per horse payable by the first of October. If you are not on our Wellness Plan, the cost for 6 or more horses would be $99.00 for each horse. We could also do 4 payments of $27.25 per horse that would be paid in full by the first of October.

Q- Are there any discounts for multiple people from the same barn?
A-YES, if 6 or more horses are signed up from one barn, each Colic Assistance Plan would cost $99.00 per horse.  The payment plan of 4 payments of $27.25 per horse may also be utilized, provided the Plan is paid in full by the first of October.

Q – Why did you decide to offer the Colic Assistance Plan?
A- It is our hope that more horses will be able to take advantage of the vast improvements that have been made in medical and surgical colic.  By getting horses to the clinic and treated aggressively, we can reduce their suffering and the cost to their owners.