South Shore Equine Clinic & Diagnostic Center has the resources and capabilities to service all of your mare’s reproductive needs.

Diagnosing reproductive problems can be accomplished with our ultrasound, vaginal speculum exams, uterine cultures and cytologies, and uterine biopsies. Occasionally, mares may need to have their uterus flushed out just prior to implantation to insure a welcoming environment for the developing fetus.

Breeding horses has become a highly specialized and technical procedure. Many mares are now bred with artificial insemination with fresh semen or occasionally with frozen semen. Our hospitalization capabilities, ultrasound detail, and use of the hospital stocks allow us to accurately pinpoint the appropriate time to breed your mare. Rechecking 2 to 3 weeks after breeding with our digital ultrasound can accurately determine if a successful pregnancy has been achieved or if a return to the breeding shed is in order. We also recommend a recheck at 45 and 90 days to insure the fetus continues to develop at the expected rate.

South Shore Equine Clinic & Diagnostic Center has a large stall for an expectant mare, as well for the mare and foal after parturition. The mare and foal stall is under full color 24-hour video surveillance which can be viewed anywhere in the hospital or remotely by the doctors and staff of the clinic. In-hospital laboratory facilities are available to test for the presence of maternal antibody transmission to the foal. If poor transmission has occurred, purified immunoglobulins are available to be given to the newborn foal.

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