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“Thank you SSEC for your knowledgeable, professional, experienced, personable, and compassionate Team of Veterinarians and Staff. From many years of routine Wellness visits to a recent unexpected emergency, I am so grateful and feel completely confident that my horses are in the best hands. I highly recommend South Shore Equine Clinic.” – Kathy G; Harwich, MA

“I’m so thankful for Dr. Buchanan and Dr. Amber. They made me feel so at ease leaving my horses at the facility. I knew they were in good hands! I received updates and phone calls and Dr.Amber made sure she explained everything in great detail so I would understand everything that was going on. She also fed them the carrots I brought and loved up on them while they were scared and away from home. I truly have never had such a vet experience so positive before. Can’t thank them enough for treating my horses! We loved Dr. Amber.  Also, Dr. Buchanan noticed one of my horses had sand in her belly and was causing her discomfort… no other vet I had previously picked up on that. I’m so happy we caught it and can now treat my girl so she feels and performs her best!! Lastly the office staff is wonderful and Carter is amazing! Thanks again!” – Emily M; Assonet, MA

“Great range of services and areas of expertise. Always responsive and there when you need them. Top notch facility.” – Dan K; Portsmith, RI

“I live on Martha’s Vineyard and called at midnight on Christmas Eve because my horse was colicking. Even though the circumstances and location were challenging they talked me through what to do. When I finally arrived at South Shore after a very stressful boat ride they welcomed us and made me feel that I had made the right decision. I left two days later with detailed care instructions. Everyone was kind, willing to explain things to me and knowledgeable. I truly feel that they saved my horse’s life over the holidays!” Mariah M; West Tisbury, MA

“[What is unique about South Shore Equine Clinic] The personal connection between clients and staff. They are always updating, and making sure you are aware of everything that is going on with your animal. Their website has everything you will need to know! Any questions? They can be answered online, and if not, staff is more than happy to answer any and all questions. Extremely friendly staff and very knowledgeable!” – anonymous

“In the midst of a crisis 3 years ago I called SSEC for a second opinion. Turns out to be the best decision I ever made. The first person I spoke with was Sheri at the desk. She was great; calming, sympathetic, and informative. She told me that Dr. Buchanan could be to my barn shortly.
When Dr. Buchanan saw my horse, there was just something about her that put me at ease. Even though this was the first time I had met her, I completely trusted her judgment and knowledge for my horse. It was exactly what I needed during this emergency. She made a great first impression that I will never forget. The decision was made to bring my horse to the clinic. The entire staff, vets, interns and receptionists, were top notch. Being stressed about the situation with my horse they made everything seem so routine and I really felt my horse was in a good place in good hands.
So many names could be mentioned along with great testimonials because I have had so many good experiences with SSEC but the one shining star for me and my horses has been Dr. Buchanan. I have had her visit my horses so many times and not once was I met with anything less than professionalism, understanding, experience, comfort, and knowledge. I really can’t say enough great things about her. She’s an awesome vet and an awesome person.” MaryAnn R; Harwich, MA

“South Shore Equine and Dr. Margaux Buchanan have been reliable and professional in every way. My horses have great veterinary care, which is what we all want for our equine loves.” -Amy R; Portsmith, RI

“Not only do the vets and techs have knowledge, they also have genuine kindness and compassion. My horse needed emergency surgery and I am so impressed with how good the doctors were. I would have lost him if not for their skill. The whole staff is great and made a scary experience less frightening. Sherri was a great help with her friendly, outgoing personality and kept me updated.” – anonymous

“This is the clinic that vets take their horses to! When my polo pony stepped on a roofing nail, I knew I couldn’t be the doctor for her and had to be owner/”mom”. One call to SSEC and I had Sherri calming down my hysterical tears, Dr. Owen helping me pare out the nail and follow the tract, Dr. Reilly helping me with antibiotic selection, and Dr. Cimetti getting great MRI images (as we were worried the nail had gone into important structures of the foot). They all gave me the peace of mind of knowing exactly where that nail had gone in her foot and what we had to do to get her feeling better. A month later and she was out on the polo field playing again! At SSEC it’s all about the horse, and gave me the tools to keep calm and get my gal back to health ASAP. Thank you for all you do when emergencies arise!” Dr. Margaux B; Plympton, MA

“I love the environment. It is extremely welcoming especially when my horse isn’t feeling right. The vets always take great care of my horse…” Arianna L; Plymouth, MA

“…Knowledgeable veterinarians, caring office staff (including the awesome Sherri) and a phenomenal clinic are just the tip of the iceberg. Your Equine Wellness Program is greatly appreciated and I really enjoy attending the winter classes you offer. Thanks so much for being there for my horses 24/7.” – Amy H; South Dennis, MA”Dr. Buchanan has been the primary vet we have worked with for a long time. It’s so important to us to have a vet that we can trust and who understands and respects our holistic approach to care. Dr. Buchanan has been very supportive and knowledgeable about different interventions we use. She answers our many questions clearly and thoughtfully and has excellent practical suggestions. Dr. Buchanan has an excellent rapport with our horses and understands each of their unique qualities very well. She has been diagnostically spot on every time. Her suturing work has been amazing: you’d never know there was an injury at all! She manages invasive procedures such as an impaction or respiratory distress very thoughtfully. She’s gotten us through colic, severe allergic reactions, lameness, lacerations and ulcers. Routine care is also thoughtful and thorough. Couldn’t be happier with the care of our horses as well as with SSEC office staff, especially Sherri, who always patiently listens to long explanations and provides immediate and helpful responses.” -Ginny B; Cranston, RI

“SirGrand” was diagnosed with a deep bruise in one of his bones, only detectable by MRI.

“My horse had a frustrating problem in his foot that was treated as an abscess because of an inability to diagnose it properly. I finally brought him to South Shore Equine Clinic to have a standing MRI (with him standing up and awake). Thanks to the MRI, Dr. Cimetti was able to diagnose the problem as a bruise and thus prescribe proper treatment. Now he is doing so well, I can ride him again. Thank you Dr. Cimetti and the team at SSEC”- Lisa M; Rochester, MA

“The doctors at South Shore Equine Clinic are always available for questions and concerns. You know they really do love your horse as much as you do. Thank you again South Shore Equine Clinic for coming to the rescue again.” – Debbie M.

“…Thanks for your continued, caring, support and involvement in keeping my horse functional. I have a friend who said keeping a high performance horse up and running is as intensive as maintaining a NASCAR vehicle. She was right! Thanks for being the pit crew.” -Marcia B; Millis, MA

“…We have experienced only the finest care from you and your terrific staff for the routine, successful breeding, dietary advice, lameness and recovery, hoof care and general farm management. You and your staff make my life as a horse owner better and give us a sense of security that can not be measured!!” – Marcia B; Marshfield, MA

“Your compassion and expertise helped enormously through the terminal illnesses of two of our beloved horses. Having them at your clinic and knowing they were receiving wonderful care was very comforting at an extremely stressful time. Your courteous and knowledgeable staff is always available to answer questions, no matter how trivial. With a barn full of elderly horses, it seems there is an emergency or concern every week. You are always accessible with a return phone call or visit with the latest equipment and information. Your skill is very much appreciated. Thank you for all you have done for us.” -Pat H; W. Barnstable, MA

“Prompt, Professional, State of the art facility, User friendly, and Great follow-up… The veterinarians at South Shore Equine Clinic are very informative about diagnosis and treatments of problems.” -Bonnie R; Plympton, MA

“Throughout the past 18 years, I have enjoyed working with Dr. Reilly. The service and follow-up is excellent. Dr.Reilly’s response to my calls is always prompt and his continued education of changing medical practices is greatly appreciated.” -George D; Norfolk, MA

“I love having top quality care at a local level. Before, I had to travel to a vet I could trust for a quality lameness exam. Now, I can have the vet come to me. It is nice to know I can stay at home and still get a proper diagnosis and more importantly quality treatment. We have had great experiences with South Shore Equine Clinic. It is nice to travel only ten minutes when you have a sick horse and know you have left him in good hands.” -Christine N; Kingston, MA

“I brought my horse to South Shore for a routine eye exam and hock x-rays. Long story short, he ended up being admitted to the hospital for Lyme Disease IV treatment. He received fantastic care the entire time he was there. I never worried about how he was doing because I received multiple calls throughout the week to let me know. The barn is beautiful too! The price was very fair for a week of treatment and the care of Dr. Cimetti and staff couldn’t be beat. I’ve dealt with a lot of vets in my 5 years of owning my horse and I have to say hands down Dr. Cimetti is my favorite. She is very compassionate, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. She’s also able to convey her thoughts very well. I never thought I’d say this but I love bringing my horse to the vet now!” -K.D.